Department Reps

Department Reps

LUCU have Reps across the University. Their role includes acting as a first point of contact for members seeking help, inviting new staff to join and helping in the dissemination of information and materials. We aim to have a named rep in each department or section so that all members have someone they can turn to. The list below shows the current reps by department. If you are interested in becoming a rep where there is a vacancy please contact the Membership Secretary.





AACM Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Peter Render Email
AACM Chemical Engineering Vacancy
AACM Materials Engineering Vacancy
AED School of the Arts Simon Downs Email
AED English and Drama Andrew Dix Email
ABC Architecture Building and Civil Engineering Scott Fernie Email
LDS Loughborough Design School Vacancy
LL Loughborough University London Angela Dy Email
SBE School of Business and Economics Dan Sage Email
SCI Chemistry Marc Kimber Email
SCI Computer Science Ana Salagean Email
SCI Mathematics Eugenie Hunsicker Email
SCI Mathematics Education Centre Ian Jones Email
SCI Physics Feo Kusmartsev Email
SPG Geography Ed Brown Email
SPG Social Sciences Dominic Wring Email
SPG Politics History and International Relations Giulia Piccolino Email
SSEHS Sport Exercise and Health Sciences Alan Bairner Email
WMME Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Eng Kaddour Bouazza-Marouf Email
Professional Services Facilities Management Gavin Noon Email
Professional Services IT Services David Wilson Email
Professional Services Library Helen Young Email
Professional Services Student Services Steve O’Sullivan Email
Professional Services Student Services Marie Hanlon Email
Professional Services Hazlerigg, Rutland and CAP Alan Kirk Email
Professional Services Hazlerigg, Rutland and CAP Duncan Stanley Email
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