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LUCU works with the University on policies, procedures and practices that affect the performance and well-being of its members. We are officially recognised as the sole negotiating body for Academic and Academic Related staff. We work hard to represent members’ interests in areas such as:

We have also contributed to national campaigns and action on issues such as

As such we are keen to be involved in any institutional initiative that may affect our members’ work performance, social life and dignity. We provide support and advice to our members when they feel that they are not receiving fair, equal and respectful treatment.

Signatory of DORA LUCU are proud to be a signatory of DORA, let’s change what we value in research.   Counselling, support, financial assistance and more available to members through Education Support Partnership.

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UCU calls on education secretary to support second referendum on Brexit deal

Yesterday, UCU wrote to the education secretary Damian Hinds warning that the UK is... https://t.co/wwpnkm2o38

More leaks from government funding review

Another week, another shake of the government's Augar funding review sieve. Following suggestions of fees being cut to £6,500 in some... https://t.co/AYcBMmbAt2

Why working people cannot afford to retrain

Looking at adult education and part-time study routes, while reflecting on her time as a careers advisor in the... https://t.co/xg3tfuW0c0

Rise in number of firsts and decline in number of part-time students

Figures released yesterday by the Higher Education Statistics Agency showed the share of... https://t.co/jtQQSOzV28

"Students should apply to university after they get results"

Students would apply to university after getting their results, under proposals from UCU released on... https://t.co/y3mYpAGzjV

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