Department Reps

Department Reps

LUCU have Reps across the University. Their role includes acting as a first point of contact for members seeking help, inviting new staff to join and helping in the dissemination of information and materials. We aim to have a named rep in each department or section so that all members have someone they can turn to. The list below shows the current reps by department.





AACM Aeronautical & Automotive Engineering Sarah Dunnett Email
AACM Chemical Engineering Mark Leaper Email
AACM Materials Engineering Mark Leaper Email
ABC Architecture Building & Civil Engineering Matyas Gutai Email
LL Loughborough University London Matt Vidal Email
SBE School of Business and Economics Dan Sage Email
SCI Chemistry Branch* Email
SCI Computer Science Branch* Email
SCI Dept of Mathematics Education Matthew Inglis Email
SCI Mathematics Matthew Inglis Email
SCI Physics Alexandre Zagoskin Email
SDCA School of Design & Creative Arts Simon Downs Email
SSEHS School of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences Jamie Kenyon Email
SSH Communication & Media Magnus Hamann Email
SSH Criminology, Sociology & Social Policy Nathan Ritchie Email
SSH English Siân Adiseshiah  Email
SSH Geography & Environment Sophie Cranston Email
SSH International Relations, Politics & History Magnus Hamann** Email
SSH The Language Centre Nathan Ritchie Email
WMME Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Tony Sutton Email
Professional Services Facilities Management Marie Hanlon Email
Professional Services Hazlerigg & Rutland Buildings Adam Warren Email
Professional Services Hazlerigg & Rutland Buildings Alan Kirk Email
Professional Services IT Services David Wilson Email
Professional Services Student Services Marie Hanlon Email
Professional Services University Library Jen De-Lillo Email

*  For areas without a current local Rep the rep is listed as Branch – please contact the branch as you would your Rep. If you are interested in becoming a rep in an area where there is a vacancy please contact the branch (Email) , you can find out more about the role by looking at this Reps Job Description.

** The person named as the rep is covering this role until a permanent rep can be found. As above, please contact the branch (or the covering rep) if you are interested in taking on this role.

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