Hear from Standing Together: The largest Jewish-Arab grassroots movement for peace in Israel

The Loughborough UCU branch will be hosting a meeting with two speakers from Standing Together, a social movement of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel pursuing peace, equality, and social and climate justice. The meeting will entail a presentation on the broad aims and work of Standing Together, as well as the group’s response to the ongoing war, raging since October 7th, and the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

We will be joined on Teams by:

Sally Abed is an elected city council representative of Haifa and a national leader at Standing Together, the Jewish-Arab grassroots movement that mobilizes people around issues of peace, equality and social justice. In recent years, she has become a prominent progressive Palestinian voice in Israel. Sally is a recurring guest on the Promised Podcast and the Co-host of the new podcast Groundwork – a mini series about Palestinians and Jews refusing to accept the status quo and working together for change.

Itamar Avneri is a social and peace activist and a community organizer. He is an elected city council representative of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and one of the founding members of Standing Together. He is also a prominent voice in the LGBT community, a member of the Israeli Climate Forum, and a Ph.D. student in History of Science at Bar-Ilan University.

After a 20-minute talk from the speakers, we will have 30 minutes for questions and discussion.

The Standing Together meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 8th May from 1pm-2pm.

All Lboro staff welcome!

If you need the link to join please email ucu@lboro.ac.uk

Open meeting on Loughborough in Saudi Arabia

An open meeting for any staff who wish to share information, thoughts or feelings about the plans to open a teaching facility in Saudi Arabia and the implications for this given the country’s enforced lack of academic freedom and freedom of speech, oppression of women and the LGBT community, and other human rights concerns.

All Lboro staff welcome!

If you need the link to join please email ucu@lboro.ac.uk

Making Sure You Get Your USS Back Pay


The branch is holding an open meeting to discuss the recent changes to the USS pension scheme on Wednesday 31st January at 12:30pm. While it is important that everyone understands what has been successfully negotiated on your behalf, it is especially important that colleagues who have opted out of USS are aware of the implications of how restoration of the lost 2020-2023 benefits will be implemented. There is a significant financial benefit to joining the scheme before 1st April 2024 that will not apply after that date.

As this is an open meeting, all Loughborough staff are welcome to attend (all staff on grade 6 and above are eligible to join USS).

Click here to download an appointment for your calendar (including the link to join the meeting). You will need to open the downloaded file and then click the button to save it to your calendar.