Having a LUCU Voice on Staff Networks & Age Appreciation Group Relaunch

Having a LUCU Voice on Staff Networks & Age Appreciation Group Relaunch

Let’s get our union’s voice heard in as many staff groups as possible! We ask members to consider joining the Age Appreciation Group which is about to be relaunched, and/or any of the existing staff networks. More information on the Age Appreciation Group is given below. You can find a list of all staff networks here with contact details for joining each network listed on their own sub-pages.

Age Appreciation Group (AAG) Relaunch

Are you a member of another staff group who is also interested in age as a protected characteristic? Would you like to be involved in shaping this relaunched staff group? Many hands make light work, and the AAG will be best led by as diverse a team as possible, in terms of age profile, protected characteristics and job roles within the organisation. If you are interested in hearing more about the group’s plans, please email Catherine Armstrong.

Mission and values

Age is often the forgotten protected characteristic. Issues and concerns around age and aging in the workplace are diverse and can be difficult to address. The Age Appreciation Group (AAG) will champion the voices of those within the organisation who experience or observe age discrimination, and will highlight the organisation’s obligations under the Equality Act 2010. Age-related discrimination, harassment and victimisation are often experienced intersectionally, and therefore meaningful collaboration between the AAG and other staff groups will be at the heart of its mission. It will also raise awareness of issues faced by staff members in various parts of the employment life cycle from early career to retirement.

Ideas for activity

  • Challenging discriminatory behaviour towards young or young-appearing staff members (being treated as ‘junior’, lacking expertise, older colleagues expecting deferential treatment).
  • Research on age and aging from a non-Western, non-Eurocentric perspective. What can we learn from, for example, indigenous cultures?
  • Reviving menopause support and awareness raising, for example the Menopause Café
  • Working with the Staff Inclusivity Group to ensure that staff experiencing age-related disability are getting the help in the workplace that they need.
  • Reviewing university provision for retiring colleagues. Are they getting support to help them make informed decisions about retirement and to make preparing for retirement as positive an experience as possible?

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