LUCU get together over lunch

Let’s build our Lboro UCU community over lunch – there’ll be food but your good company is needed, so please come along! 12-2pm Fri 5 May at the LSU Council Chambers (first floor). Feel free to bring a colleague along, non-members very welcome. Sandwiches & soft drinks provided.

Check with HMRC if your UCU membership is listed in your tax code

Check with HMRC if your UCU membership is listed in your tax code

On UCU strike? Facing another week of lost pay? Do one quick thing today to help – check with HMRC to get your UCU membership listed in your tax code under ‘professional subscriptions’.

You can claim back to 2017/18 at the moment, but be quick as that will roll over to 2018/19 onwards soon as tax year ends this month. You’ll need the annual amounts you’ve paid to UCU to hand (a quick check of online banking/UCU direct debit) for each year, including this one. The same applies for most professional memberships related to your job.

You can also check that it’s on your tax code for the new tax year about to start 22/23 (letters sent recently).

Online can take up to 15 days, so given we are close to end of tax year, we suggest you call 0300 200 3300 with just your NI number and your UCU annual debited amount for the past few years. If you do wish to complete online please click here.

You can also find guidance on this from national UCU here.

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