Outcomes of Motions not heard at GM in March

Outcomes of Motions not heard at GM in March

Our Branch General Meeting on 8th March was unfortunately just shy of being quorate; this meant that the submitted motions could not be heard or voted on. In these circumstances, our branch rules dictate that the motions will instead go to the next Branch Committee Meeting.

Motion to Congress

Rule change motion: The prioritisation of motions at Congress: As this could not be heard at the GM, we had missed the deadline for submission to UCU Congress 2024. This motion may be submitted to the next UCU Congress.

Motions to Branch

Support for International Scholars-at-Risk: This motion was passed.

LUCU to Support Palestinian Human Rights: This motion was not passed.

Motions withdrawn by proposers

Uphold rights and freedoms for all Loughborough Staff and Students.

LUCU to support colleagues impacted by the conflict between Israel and Gaza and to play a constructive role in responding to the conflict.

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