PDR Review 2018 – Have Your Say

PDR Review 2018 – Have Your Say

We have now come to the end of the second year of the revised PDR system at Loughborough.  University management are again reviewing the process and have invited the 3 campus unions to contribute to this review.

Last year the University ran a survey on our experiences of the system but management have decided not to repeat this again this year.  We believe this would be a useful exercise to measure progress and so have replicated the key questions ourselves.  The results will be used to inform our input into the PDR review.  You can complete the anonymous survey at


LUCU’s Committee maintain that ratings are generally unhelpful and detract from the rest of the PDR content.  However if we must have them it would be preferable to have three, to reflect the three possible outcomes i.e.

1) Unsatisfactory performance requiring action
2) Expected performance (the vast majority)
3) Exceptional performance warranting an award

The distinction between “Good” and “Very Good” currently seems to be a regular source of contention and distress while being of little value as the outcome is the same.  Do let us know if you agree or disagree with this position or if you have other feedback you would like to provide.

LUCU Committee, 17th August 2018

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